Your weekend retreat includes:
  • 2 nights accommodation in either the Creekside Lodge or Aspenridge Lodge (see below for details)!!
  • 5 meals and 2 evening snacks!!
  • 4 sessions on matters of the heart!!
  • an assortment of creative projects based on the weekend theme!!
  • optional add-on classes by featured instructors (extra cost as posted)!!
  • opportunity to swim, hike, relax and get to hang with friends and meet new ones!!
  • opportunity to contribute and support some great causes through a fundraiser!!
  • access to on-site shopping from some awesome suppliers of crafty goodness!!

NOTE:  Due to the nature of this event and the facility, we are unable to accommodate babies and young children at this retreat.  We suggest scrapbookers ages 15+ would be appropriate.  Cabins may need to be shared with another group if you and your friends don't fill an entire cabin.

Creekside Lodge   $199
This "main" lodge houses twenty second floor rooms overlooking the wide open scrapbooking / dining area and shares two large community type bathrooms with showers.  Each room has 4 bunk beds and can accommodate up to 8 people.

Aspenridge Lodge   $239
This lodge is connected to the main lodge and offers two floors of rooms.  Each room comes with a private bathroom with shower and 2 bunk beds (one bunk has a lower queen bed so can sleep up to 5 people).

Bottom Bunk Guarantee!  $10
We understand that with the facility having bunk beds, some of you are not able to sleep on a top bunk and wanted to offer a "Bottom Bunk Guarantee" if that is something important to you!  If you select this option, we will guarantee that you will be able to sleep on a bottom bunk.  If you don't take this offer, you may still get a bottom bunk, but you may also be given a top bunk.  Know that you are free to remove the mattresses off the top bunks and sleep on the floor (if you have room!).

*Assorted things to NOTE:
1. Payment must be received prior to us booking your cabin. If you are anxious to be in a certain lodge, please complete the online registration and forward your payment ASAP to secure your spot.

2. Registrations / payments following May 8, 2012 need to add an additional $20 fee.
3. Any NSF fees will be charged back to you.
Please allow us 3-4 weeks to process your cheques.
4. Cancellations prior to May 8, 2012 will be refunded minus a $20 admin fee. After May 8, 2012 refunds will not be offered and we encourage you to find someone to take your place. If we have a wait list, we would be happy to assist with finding someone!